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About Us

I'm your Neighborhood Real Estate Agent !

Hello ! Why do I say we have a tailored approach ? Because after more than 20 years in this business, I've met clients that like everything from complete guidance, "How do I buy a home ?", to clients that say "Here are the keys, please let me know when the buy/sell process is done." This in turn has given me the experience to know how to help clients feel at ease because home buying or selling is no easy task, physically or emotionally.


Clients and their homes are two different parts of the same transaction. A seller/buyer needs to know they are being given exclusive service per their needs. And the home in question also requires a custom touch to make it ideal for a buyer or seller. I take care of each...asking the client what they ultimately would like and listening. You'd be surprised at how many people don't listen ! The home in question also gets my full attention, so that it brings in the best price and terms possible for the client. Being a small agency, allows us to give this kind of special treatment to our clients. We work with highly experienced Escrow and Title that are local and know our Southern California Beach Areas through and through. 

Image by Renato Sanchez Lozada

My Story

I started my education as a Mechanical Engineer, where I worked at Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo and the AQMD in Diamond Bar. Engineering is still a passion... Fibonacci's equation is my favorite math theorem. Real Estate came next. The negotiating part of Real Estate really appealed to me and knowing how to read the contracts sounded like a necessary life skill, so I jumped in. Over the years of knowing my neighbors, they have referred me to friends and they in turn, referred me to others. I like to talk to my neighbors and they've been kind and helpful by participating in my yearly events like Pet Donations Collection days. My family and I feel lucky to live here in Southern California. I look forward to meeting you and talking about houses. Call us. I love to talk houses !

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